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Thank you all for looking into our event.  At this time we are closed for new vendors!

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The year of 2020 has been a difficult one for all of us.  Wild fires in Australia, a global pandemic, Hurricanes, and so much more.  One thing that will always stay constant is that dogs are still displaced, abandoned and in need of rescue.  During all of this we have tried to continue to support the rescues we work with by helping them find homes for their dogs.  


This year we have not been able to hold the fundraisers we normally would, so the Chester Dog Fair is our one big "Hail Mary".  We know times are tough for all, but if you are able to sponsor our event this year we, our rescues and many dogs would be very appreciative. Thank you so very much. 


Platinum Level - Recognition on All advertising (Radio, Website, Brochures and Flyers (if received in time) - Prime Booth Space - 2 Large Banners with Logo


Gold Level - Recognition on Website,  & Brochures - Prime Booth Space - 1 Large Banner with your logo 


Silver Level includes recognition on Website & Brochures - Booth Space.


Bronze Level includes recognition on Website & Brochures


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