event update:

Good afternoon everyone! We are down to event week here and very excited to see these beautiful souls find their forever home.

Due to Covid restrictions we are doing our up coming event with some twists. This is not a walk in event and appointments must be made.

How do I get an appointment you may ask?
1. Well it's required that an application be completed and approved.
2. An interview is set up to be done virtually with the entire family.
3. Then we set the appointment.

Currently our Friday appointments are filled and Saturday is very close to full. We think with the current schedule of upcoming interviews, Saturday will also be filled by end of the weekend.

We will continue to approve applications and interview but there isn't ever a guarantee the dog you want will still be available.

Our plan is, once Saturday is full we will have a waiting list created of approved and interviewed adopters. We will contact them in chronological order (interview complete) and after 4:30 Saturday afternoon to tell them what dogs are still available. If they are interested in one of the remaining dogs we will set appointments through 11:30 Sunday.

Our hope is that all of the dogs at the event find their forever home.

BTW if you have been approved and interviewed and have an appointment scheduled you will receive a final email with details and information by Wednesday at Noon.

Thank you all for helping us find home for these dogs. Your sharing, posting and tagging is always a huge help to our events.


Due to the current situation in the US with COVID19 we are under strict guidelines to insure the safety of our adopters, volunteers and rescues.  


This event will host approximately 25 dogs at the Guilford Fair Grounds.   There will be 2 litters of puppies along with 8-10 adult dogs coming.  If you are interested in adopting a dog from the event please fill out an application as soon as possible. 


All applications will be reviewed.  If the application is approved our volunteers will contact you to arrange a Virtual interview via Facebook, Facetime, Zoom or what ever media format is convenient.  This interview will REQUIRE all family members to be available for interview.  Once the interview is completed and all is approved an appointment will be scheduled.  


Appointments will be scheduled to limit the amount of people on the premises at one time.  All family members should be there if possible.  If there are any children under the age of 16 they will be required to attend.  Masks will be required while you are on the premises.  


We will be promoting the puppies as litters and not be approving applications for specific puppies.  You can request a sex preference.  All adult dogs can be requested specifically. 


Adult dogs will be posted on Adopt A Pet to review.  You can also look at our listing on our Dogs Looking for a Home Page.


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.  We will try to answer them in a timely manner.  Your best option is to fill out an application.   If you have filled out an application already please contact us and tell us you are interested so we can complete the process.  


Thank you for helping us continue to find homes for these dogs and others!