Questions asked about our Events.

How much is the adoption fee?  The rescues decide what the adoption fee is but Homeward Bound CT asks that they don't charge more than $385.


What does the adoption fee cover?  Most dogs coming to our events from out of state are vaccinated (age appropriate), spayed/neutered and micro-chipped.  The $385 covers the vetting and transport of all these dogs.  Dogs coming in under CT rescues also have vetting, boarding and care expenses that these minimal fees help cover.  100% of the adoption fee is going directly to the rescues and this will help them cover their expenses and give them the opportunity to save more lives.


Can I take my dog home?  Dogs that are fully vaccinated and spayed/neutered may go home directly after adoption.  This is up to the rescues.  Most of the out of state dogs are able to go home directly.  Some instate rescues since they have the ability to do home visit prior will require that.  If you'd like to know prior to the event, feel free to email us. 


Do I need to buy anything before adopting a dog?  Since one is never sure what dog they will leave with we do sell leashes and collars at the event.  If you intend on crating the dog it is recommended that you plan on purchasing the crate either prior to the event or directly after.  


What time is the event?  Typically our events will run Saturday and Sunday from 10 - 4pm.  We ask that you come during those hours. 


Is it possible to see the dogs before the event?  If the dog is from a rescue that is in Connecticut it is possible to meet the dog prior.  The dogs coming from our out of state rescues typically do not arrive till the day prior to the event so unfortunately that is not possible.


How long does the adoption process take?  Depending on the amount of people the process could take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours depending on whether you already have a dog in mind or not.  We try to make sure that each dog is going to the best home for them so we do take the time to make sure that happens.  


If I have a dog, should I bring it?  We do recommend that you bring your dog for a meet and greet to make sure the dogs will get along.