We did it...   Thanks to your support we have raised enough funds for a trailer.  Stay tuned for pictures!

                It's all about the dogs!

We are a group of friends committed to finding homes for the thousands of dogs languishing and dying in kill shelters across the country. Please consider opening your heart and home to a shelter dog next time you add a canine member to your family.

Our Goal

Our goal is to help rescues find homes for their dogs.  We do this by creating adoption events for the rescues to bring their dog at no cost to them. 

How we do it.

  • We find locations
  • We contact the Rescues
  • We supply Volunteers
  • We promote the events and dogs.
  • We help with getting potential adopters.
  • We follow up on adoptions to make sure all is well
  • We share dogs available on our Facebook page.
  • We donate directly to rescues to help them with vet bills, food and transportation.

What we need..

We need your help.  


If you are a rescue who wants to participate please visit the Rescue Registration Page.  


If you would like to be a vendor for our event please visit our Vendor Registration Page.


If you would like to help us with the event as a volunteer  please visit our Volunteer Registration page.  


We need help before, during and after our events.  No amount of time is too little to help us with events.