How much is the adoption fee? 

Adoption fees range per dog from $450 - $600 depending on the vetting required prior to coming to the event.


What does the adoption fee cover?  

Most dogs coming to our events from out of state are vaccinated (age appropriate), spayed/neutered and micro-chipped.  The fees cover the vetting and transport of all these dogs.  Dogs coming in under CT rescues also have vetting, boarding and care expenses that these minimal fees help cover. 100% of the adoption fee goes to the rescues, which will help them cover expenses and give them the opportunity to save more lives.


Can I take my dog home the day of the event? 

Yes.  These dogs are ready to go home from the event.  On occasion, local rescues may not send the dogs home that day. 


Do I need to buy anything before adopting a dog?  

Although an adoption is never guaranteed, we do recommend bringing a leash with you to the event.  Retractable leashes are absolutely not permitted at any of our events. Purchasing a crate is also recommended. All dogs will go home with a collar provided by Homeward Bound CT and a small bag of food. Leashes can be purchased at the event if needed. 


Is it possible to see the dogs before the event?  

If the dog is from a CT based rescue, it may be possible to meet him/her beforehand.  Unfortunately, out of state dogs typically do not arrive until the day before the event, so you will have to wait to meet them.


How long does the adoption process take?  

Depending on the amount of people, the process could take anywhere from 1 to 3 hours.  This depends on your application status and whether or not you already have a dog in mind.  We try to make sure that each dog is going to the best home, and that does take time.  


If I have a dog, should I bring him/her to the event?  

YES. Meet and greets are required before an adoption can be approved and finalized.


Can I adopt if I live in Massachusetts?


No, we cannot adopt to you because of MA Department of Agriculture regulations governing  rescue dogs. 


How do you know the breed of an adoptable dog?


The breed shown on a dog’s paperwork is our best guess based on a dog’s appearance and personality.  We cannot guarantee a dog is a specific breed or that any dog is “Hypoallergenic”.  We encourage adopters to consider factors beyond breed, such as temperament, energy level, and compatibility with their lifestyle, when choosing a dog.

DNA testing can offer more precise information about a dog's breed but it is too expensive for most rescues. These tests analyze a dog's DNA and compare it to a database of known breeds to determine its genetic makeup. However, it's important to understand that different testing companies may produce different results based on the reference samples used for each breed.