These dogs are looking for a home...

Due to the recent events in the world today we have all had to adjust our way of moving forward.  We are happy to continue to help the rescues we work with in finding homes for the dogs they have pulled from the shelters in their area.


Due to job losses and financial strains many dogs have been relinquished and sadly many more have been left by the side of the road.  Our mission is to help these shelters and rescues find homes for their dogs.  


Below is a link to the dogs we are currently helping promote.  Some are already in Connecticut and some are with our rescue in Georgia ready to come up for the perfect adopter.   


Please be sure to read all of the information on the dogs to see where they are and how you can get more information! 



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Are you hoping to adopt one of the many adorable puppies coming to our event?  All adopters looking to adopt a puppy are required to read and sign our puppy addendum form. There is a link below to download the form and review.  Please initial, sign and email it back to us and we will attach it to your application. You will also be emailed this form if you have requested one of the puppies on your application. This DOES NOT guarantee you a puppy.

Puppy Addendum Agreement
This is a new procedure our rescues are requiring to be sure our puppies are going to homes that are aware of what to expect when adopting a puppy.
Adobe Acrobat Document 66.5 KB