So you think you want a Rescue Dog?

Over the past couple of years we have been able to help rescues find homes for over 300 dogs.  We are very happy to say that most of these dogs are still in their loving home and thriving.  


There are dogs though that are returned or other reasons that the dogs are no longer in that home we thought was a perfect fit.  It does happen though we are always sad because we feel we've failed that dog in sending them home to a home that is not the best fit.  


So we ask ourselves, how we can do this better?  It's extremely hard because we talk with all of the adopters, they meet the Dog Team, Trainers, Interview and finally rescues before they are said to be a good fit.  We ask very in depth questions of these adopters and also check vet references along with personal references.  We also send a great deal of material to them before the event to prepare themselves and also at the event with detailed information on decompression, two week shut down, crate training and so much more.  


So we are going to start something new.  We are going to ask you to read an article and to write an essay on how you plan to introduce your dog to your new home and family.  What steps are you willing to take to make this work.  We've heard many times:  "I'm a trainer",  "I've always had dogs" and "I'd never return a dog", yet many times these people truly don't know the differences in a rescue/shelter dog.  These dogs will not be their true self until they've had time to decompress at their speed.  They may have accidents,  be shy, need to learn how to walk on leash and so much more.  We will tell you what this dog needs and so will the rescues and trainers.  If you are not up to the task to make this lifetime commitment please do not apply.  


This is a lifetime decision we are helping make for this dog so if you rent we may not let you adopt a bully breed dog.  If you've never had a dog we need to know you will take the time to train this dog in the appropriate setting for THAT dog.  If you have children that are not acting appropriately at an event with the dogs we may not adopt to you.  We know this sounds harsh and as if we are playing the role of "God of Dogs", but the reality is we want these dogs to thrive and have no intention of setting them up for failure.   


So where does that put you?  We ask that you be honest on your lifestyle and what you are willing to do and not do for a dog.  Some dogs adapt easier than others so we can hopefully help you find that new furry friend but we don't want to put a dog in a situation that we feel is not right because the adopter is in love with a face, or has always had that breed of dog.   To us a Rescue/Shelter dog is a breed of it's own and each one is different and deserves to thrive.  That's what we want for them and if you are honest and truly take the time to listen to what we have to say, we will probably be able to find the perfect fit for you and that dog.  



We highly recommend that you fill out an application prior to the event so vet references can be checked, otherwise there is no guarantee you can leave with a dog from the event.


Once we've had a chance to review your application and check your references we will be in touch.


Important Articles to help you prepare.

Almost all of the articles say the same thing.  TIME ...   PATIENCE.... TIME


If you are truly considering adopting from us it's very important that you understand this time and give them what they truly need not what we think they need.  


Tips for Decompression

Decompressing Rescue Dogs

Decompression - The Two Week Shut Down

Puppy Addendum:

Are you hoping to adopt one of the many puppies coming to our event?  We have added a new caveat to our procedures due to many puppies being returned for no fault of their own.  All adopters wanting to adopt a puppy must read and sign our puppy addendum form.  There is a link below that you can download the form and review.  Feel free to initial, sign and email back to us and we will attach it to your application.  You will also be emailed this form if you have requested one of the puppies on your application.  This DOES NOT guarantee you a puppy but is required to get a puppy.  

Puppy Addendum Agreement
This is a new procedure our rescues are requesting to be sure our puppies are going to the best possible homes and a home that is aware of what to expect when adopting a puppy.
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