Since our inception in 2014, we have been able to facilitate the adoptions of over 1000 dogs. Our goal is perfect matches between adopters and dogs and our success rate is very high.  Our Adoption Process begins with potential adopters filling our an adoption application.  Our Volunteers check references and verify that our criteria to adopt are met.  After these steps are completed, you will be notified if you are Approved to Adopt!  This approval means you meet our criteria to adopt a dog but does not guarantee you a specific dog.  The next step is an interview (virtual or at an event) to discuss your application and the dog (or type of dog) you are interested in adopting.  We ask a lot of questions to ensure a great match because our goal is forever homes for all of our dogs.  At our events, we also have Dog Trainers available to meet with you and your existing dogs to ensure the new dog is a good fit.  Our process is the same for everyone.  Whether you are a first time dog owner, or an experienced dog owner, we ask that  you trust our process to ensure both dogs and adopters end up with great matches.  


We send a lot of reading material to you before you adopt so you may prepare for your new best friend!  Decompression & the Two Week Shutdown are critical to your new dog’s adjustment, so there is a link at the bottom of this page to articles that discuss how you should treat your dog when you first bring them home. These dogs will not be their true selves until they've had time to decompress. They may have accidents, be shy or withdrawn, need leash training, or refuse to eat.  The solution for all of these issues: Time, Patience and Training! 


Puppies are adorable but they do not come fully trained.  If you are interested in a puppy, you should review the Puppy Addendum link below to ensure you know what to expect when adopting a puppy!


This is a lifetime decision we are helping make for this dog, so here are a few things to keep in mind:


  • If you are a renter, we must have your landlord’s approval before you can adopt a dog and we may not let you adopt a bully breed/pit mix dog.
  • If you have children that are acting inappropriately toward the dogs at our event, we may choose not to adopt a dog to you.
  • Dogs labeled as “good with” kids, dogs and cats indicate that we believe the dog can be successful in a home with kids or other pets. However, this is not a guarantee as there is great variability in kids and animals.  We require Meet & Greets with any dogs in the home. We do not do meet and greets with cats.
  • All family members must attend the Adoption Event.
  • Please keep an open mind when attending one of our events. Many people fall in love with a dog they see online, but go home with a completely different dog.


Adopters pre-approved will be able to make early appointments (Limited Friday appointments are available for approved adopters).   Saturday and Sunday walk in's will be allowed as space is available.  It is still recommended that applications be done online prior to coming so that we can be checking references as soon as received.  Once we've had a chance to review your application and check your references, we will be in touch.


Are you hoping to adopt one of the many adorable puppies coming to our event?  All adopters looking to adopt a puppy (under 6 months at the time of the event) are asked to read and sign our puppy addendum form. .  Please understand that every family is different and each rescue has their own process.  


Almost all of the articles say the same thing;  TIME AND PATIENCE. 


...Did we mention time?  If you are serious about adopting a rescue dog, it is imperative to give them the time they need to adjust. These articles will help give you a better understanding.  


Tips for Decompression

Decompressing Rescue Dogs

Decompression - 2 week shutdown
All dogs react differently to situations. Rescue dogs can have a history we aren't aware of so the best thing is to give them time to decompress and become comfortable in their new surroundings. This document will help guide you through that time. Please remember that all dogs react differently and have their own personalities.
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