We can't do this without the amazing support we get from all of you.  We know that not everyone has the time to volunteer, or can't foster or adopt.  We understand, and don't ever want anyone to feel like you don't do enough.  YOU ALL DO SO MUCH.  


That being said, here are a few great ways you can help!


If you're an Amazon addict like most of us, simply shop through Amazon Smile to have a portion of your sale donated to Homeward Bound.  It is so easy, and doesn't cost you a penny!  Just click on this link below and save it as a bookmark.  Then, make sure to complete all of your future Amazon purchases through that link. 


We need volunteers for all of our events!  Before, during, and after.  We also need help putting up fliers, getting donations for our fundraising events, transporting dogs to and from spay/neuter operations, and more.


Please click on the button below to fill out our general volunteer registration form.

Event Sign Up Forms

Please take the time to also fill out forms for specific events.  This is one way for you to share what specific events you are available for.


If there is one thing there is never enough of, it's foster homes.


It is common to have an unadopted dog or two at the end of an event. When that happens, we are in desperate need of foster homes to take these dogs in until a forever home can be found.  The rescue will cover all costs associated with the dog, and can even provide food if necessary. 


If you can open your home to a dog in need, please click on the button below to fill out our foster application. Fostering saves lives!


After each adoption is final, a home visit must be completed to make sure the dog is thriving in his or her new home.  This generally happens about 4-8 weeks post adoption and can be located anywhere throughout the state of Connecticut. If you have some rescue experience, and are willing to donate your time, we would greatly appreciate it. 


If you have successfully completed a home visit for us, please click on the link below and fill out the report.


Help us make these events a success!  We are always looking for vendors to come and sell their delicious food or products, or to sponsor if you can't attend but want still want to promote your business.


We love having food trucks, pet photographers, dog treat vendors, and everything in between.  


Since we don't charge the rescues to come to our events, these fees help offset the cost. Pricing varies from event to event, and will be based on how much space you need.  If you are a food vendor, you must apply for a permit with the town our event is being held.  


If you are interested in joining us at one of our events, please fill out the form below and we will contact you.