You asked.. we listened!

This year we are trying out our first ever Beer & Wine Tent.  We are so excited to have this and hope next year we will be able to expand.   As with training our dogs we take baby steps so here are the details!


The Beer & Wine Tent will be open Saturday Afternoon after the Dog Fair has ended. 

Admission is from 3-5pm and the cost is $10 per person.  

Tickets include 2 full pours OR 2 flights.


Music will be playing and food trucks will still be available. 


Designated Drivers enter for Free and Water/Soda will be available for purchase.


Dogs are allowed as long as they are able to handle the crowds.

I.D. is required so please do not leave them at home or we will have to turn you away! 

(we don't want to lose the chance to have this next year)


Below is a list of Breweries and Wineries donating.  Keep checking for updates!


As always Drink Responsibly!

Beer & Wine Tickets

You are welcome to purchase tickets in advance.  There will be a "Will Call" list.  I.D.'s are still required at the tent.   This ticket gives you two full pours OR two flights.


  • Available
  • Ships within 1-3 days

Check out the Breweries and Wineries participating!




  Stony Creek Brewery