It's all about the dogs!

Thank you for joining us for our upcoming event.  We are very excited to be able to help you find the right homes for your dogs.  


As we are a starting up there is a lot of information we need from our rescues regarding their dogs and also we need your help to make this event a success. 


All rescues who are coming to our events must have their own CT Animal Import License.  We also require all dogs to be spayed/neutered prior to coming in from out of state or prior to adoption from an instate rescue.  


All dogs must have their rabies vaccination certificate when coming and the form below shows other recommended vaccinations to come to our event.  


At this time rescues will need to supply their own crates for their dogs.  


Once you've completed registering your dogs we will email you with information on downloading photos of your dogs to our site.  We ask that you name all the photo files with the rescue and the dogs name ie:  hbctfluffy.jpg   would be for Homeward Bound CT Fluffy.   If you need assistance in this feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to help you.  


Our goal is to help you find homes for your dogs, but we can't do this without making this a cooperative event.   Thank you for trusting us with helping you find homes.  


Please fill out the form below to get registering your dogs. 


Dog Registration Form.